Residential Pest Control Services

Services customized for your home's needs.

Full Home Pest Inspection

We specialize in general household pests, termite inspections, and treatment.

Our professional certified applicators will help you protect your family and home with quality products and guaranteed service.

We have the equipment to treat hard to reach, second story eaves and overhangs. We emphasize mechanical means to correct conditions, which can reduce pesticide use.

Quarterly Maintenance

For control of general pests, a Quarterly Maintenance Program works best.  We can also do treatments on an as-needed basis.

We will advise you throughout the entire process, and keep you informed every step of the way.  We will explain the custom treatment designed to fit your needs. We will implement the solution that is right for you!

Licensed and Insured

Our Certified Applicator and Technician are Licensed by the State of Texas and fully insured.

We do our own work, and our Customer Service is second to none. You can rely on us to take whatever time is needed for the correct treatment of your pest problem.

All services are fully guaranteed. Free re-treats are offered with a Quarterly Service Agreement.


Pests come in all shapes and sizes - we're trained to tackle them all!


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Customer Reviews

Mark - Oakwood, GA

Awesome service. Thorough, knowledgeable, fast, and friendly. My house is now free of mice, spiders, bugs, and pests. They always gets back to me within an hour and are flexible in scheduling. They give you reminders for when they're coming by again and are always mindful of property and pets. Never going back to trying to do it myself. 5/5 stars!

Jessica D. Oakwood, GA

Exclusive is great. Very friendly, knowledgeable and flexible. We're on an annual plan for pest maintenance. They make sure I know what to do to keep my dogs safe after an application.

Katie B. Oakwood, GA

Fantastic Service! I had quite the little pest problem and Exclusive was the first person to respond and provide a plan of attack on how to handle the issue. Prices and service are beyond reasonable and they offer a great quarterly package to keep up on all sorts of pests...including the 25 wasp nests I had on my roof. Thanks again Exclusive! You're Awesome!

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